Faster Fulfillment Done With Deliverr: Amazon FBA Alternative

Faster Fulfillment Done With Deliverr: Amazon FBA Alternative

by wholesalebestsites

Amazon FBA is, by far, the most efficient order fulfillment platform, thanks to its usage of a huge amount of customer data from Amazon itself. The algorithm it uses can determine where the demand for a product is the most and transport the product to the nearest fulfillment center so that customers can enjoy rediculous fast shipping. However, it’s not without flaws.

Issues with FBA

Amazon’s error

After reading a lot of threads on Facebook groups regarding FBA, it’s so common among sellers doing FBA to encounter Amazon’s error. Errors like:

  • Charging for miscalculated dimension
  • Return product doesn’t arrive in the warehouse
  • Refund amount is higher than the actual price
  • Restocking fee not deposited.

Amazon FBA Fees

In FBA, you have to pay fees for several steps as follow:

  • FBA Fee
  • Referral fee
  • Monthly Selling Fee
  • Referral Fees and Variable Closing Fees
  • Returns Processing Fees
  • Stock Removal Fees
  • Inventory Placement Service
  • Amazon FBA Export Fees

Special Case Limitation

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Amazon FBA has decided a lot of categories of products to be sold at a slower shipping time. So when a special scenario comes you won’t have as much as access to your inventory as you’d do in FBM

Delivering with Deliverr

So you have got issues with FBA, or looking for an alternative to FBA, this is where Deliverr comes.

Deliverr is a fulfillment platform, works with FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). You can easily fulfill your order using their warehouse chains located efficiently all over the US. With Deliverr you get the following benefits:

Multiple Marketplaces

Sell your products cross-platform, you can enlist your product in Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and several more marketplaces so that you get maximum sales possible.

Fast Shipping

You get faster shipping than most other FBM partners by utilizing their warehouse chains.

Transparent Fee

Fees are calculated in an understandable way unlike FBA, where you get different fees for the same product.

Better Stocking

Stock products in Deliverr in as soon as 5 days. All of your processes are conveniently illustrated in the dashboard so that you don’t get mislead.

Integrate With Tools

Integration is a core part of Deliverr, you can connect dozens of tools to analyse, manage inventory, and calculate profitability with Deliverr’s integration.

You can create your Deliverr account within a few minutes and start delivering efficiently to your customers.

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