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Palletfly LLC – Amazon FBA supplier for Baby, Beauty, and Electronics

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Palletfly LLC – Amazon FBA supplier for Baby, Beauty, and Electronics

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Palletfly LLC – Amazon FBA supplier for Baby, Beauty, and Electronics

About Us

Pallet Fly is an innovative platform that is geared towards streamlining and optimizing the supply chain experience in product distribution. Our website was founded with one goal in mind: Bring innovation to supply chain. With the many evolving marketplaces that have sprouted through the internet, there comes a great change in how consumer products changes hands. From Amazon to Walmart, brick-and-mortar to Ecommerce, all consumer shopping has taken a large drift from what was knows as traditional retail several years ago. The evolution of how products are sourced on a wholesale level has taken far longer to progress.

We want to help you save time, increase profits, and save you countless hours of frustration.

Palletfly at Glance

If you’re a buyer, you can choose from our wide range of products and buy them at the best wholesale prices. You can find amazing deals using our advanced filter. We also have all the metrics and tools that will help you make an informed decision.

If you're a seller, turn your inventory into cash with minimal effort.

Stop wasting time and money with endless email campaigns, cold calls, trade shows, and low performing sales representatives. Send us your inventory list, and we will convert it to cash!

We offer our clients a wide range of products at a wholesale level; to be purchased in bulk. Our up to date analysis of the profits relating to each product will cut hours of work out of your schedule. These tools will help you reach your decision quicker. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell in bulk, we have the right tools to help you take your business to the next level

Jack Sasson
The founder and owner of Palletfly

Our Services

Palletfly offers the ultimate solution for wholesalers to sell their products quickly and efficiently. Palletfly provids a gateway for wholesalers to promote their products to mass audience without having to do any legwork. A suite of in-house tools help create a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

Buyers benefit from the strong relationship Palletfly holds with wholesalers. Not only can you expect great deals, you can also purchase them with just a few clicks. To top it off, we provide up to date metrics that can help you make calculated decision in just moments.


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