Data We Collect

Our website collects the following sets of information from the given users.

Cache: Like 95% other existing websites in the world, we collect your browser cache to understand either you visited earlier or not. This helps us not to show you the TOS agreement pop-up all the time. Applicable for all visitors who have browser-cache enabled in their browser.

Google Analytics data: Google Analytics data helps us to understand where our visitors are from, which pages are visited most, and bunches of such information. Applicable for all visitors unless they block it.

Emails: We collect emails from visitors who enter their emails and press submit in appropriate forms. Email is a necessary piece of information that helps us contact a particular identity.

Name, Phone, Address, and Other Key Information: This all kind of information is necessary to build-up a listing. That’s why it is required for who wishes to be listed.

Your personal password, location, and payment information aren’t shared publically.